The spirit of unity and compassion resonates throughout the Vaal community this Mandela Day with the ‘Share More Meals Made With Love’ campaign. Driven by the desire to alleviate food insecurity, the initiative has successfully collected enough food items to make 18 711 meals, which will be distributed to eleven local organisations in the Vaal area in the coming weeks.

The Share More Meals Made With Love campaign aims to lighten the burden of the tough economic times for consumers in two ways: by providing staple combo deals at discounted prices and through a drive to collect food for those in the community who are struggling to afford it.

“We believe in the power of collective action and the ability of our community to create meaningful change,” says Sibongile Mooko, Marketing Executive at Premier. “At Premier, we are dedicated to earning the right to operate in our communities. The ‘Share More Meals Made With Love’ campaign has allowed us to foster a sense of unity and empower individuals and organisations to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Through this initiative, we are addressing food insecurity head-on,” she adds.

The ‘Share More Meals Food Drive’, a collaborative effort between Premier, Goldkeys International, FoodForward SA, and renowned shopping destination Vaal Mall, was at the heart of this initiative. Leading up to Mandela Day, the campaign successfully collected non-perishable food items, which were then packed at the centre court on 18 July to be distributed to communities surrounding the mall, reaching those who need it the most.

“The overwhelming response and support from Premier, the community, and Vaal Mall partners have been heart-warming,” says Andy Du Plessis, managing director of FoodForward SA. “We are proud to have been part of this initiative, supporting the community and creating opportunities for those in need to enjoy nourishing meals,” he adds.

Premier and Goldkeys donated 4 475 kg of essential food items to benefit residents facing difficult times. This donation is part of a national campaign for brands Iwisa No.1, Snowflake and Golden Delight.

“The power of partnerships shines through as we witness the incredible generosity and support from all our partners and the Vaal community,” says Carla de Villiers-Malan, Marketing Manager at Vaal Mall. “Through collaborative initiatives like these, we have the ability to join forces and create a positive impact in the lives of our fellow Vaal residents,” she adds.
“The true impact of the Share More Meals Food Drive can be measured by the number of items collected and the difference they are going to make to those in need. By providing quality food items, the initiative ensured that individuals and their families have access to nourishing meals during these challenging times,” concludes Mooko.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. This is an expression I am sure most of you are familiar with. Just like windows, your eyes work two ways. When we look into someone’s eyes, we can see their emotions, but our eyes also allow us to visually process the world around us. Our sense of sight helps us connect with our surroundings and keep us safe.

The human eye is a wondrous design and sight isn’t something we should ever take for granted. Just think about how much your eyes work from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. That’s why taking care of our eyes is so important.

Annual eye examinations are essential in order to ensure that your eyes stay healthy. Aside from providing you with visual correction like glasses or contact lenses, an eye exam offers visibility into other healthcare concerns. Not only will it help your optometrist identify eye health issues such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration pre-emptively, but it can also help with the diagnosis of other concerns such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even brain tumours.

If your last eye examination was more than a year ago, you should get your eyes tested by a professional optometrist, sooner than later. The eyes you have will be yours forever, so take good care of them.

Vaal Mall has once again been awarded a coveted award in the category for Shopping Centres for 2023. Based on consumer nominations and ratings conducted during a 2022 survey, Vaal Mall clinched its Gold Arrow award with an impressive ‘excellence’ rating for the category: malls in Sedibeng.

Shana Maree-Paraskevopoulos, Vaal Mall General Manager says the centre is thrilled to be recognised by and the Sedibeng community. “Ultimately this award is all about our loyal shoppers and their continued support for Vaal Mall, as well as the public who voted for us. We appreciate this support immensely and will continue meeting – and hopefully exceeding – the demands and expectations of our customers.” is a consultancy and research company based in Johannesburg, and the publication bases its awards and editorial on independent surveys conducted within relevant communities. Their awards represent excellence, leadership and resilience and indicate customer service and customer satisfaction.

Open seven days a week, Vaal Mall is home to the best shopping and entertainment in the heart of Vanderbijlpark and the Vaal Triangle.

Vaal Mall is showing their commitment towards their community by stepping up to repair potholes in the centre’s vicinity.

Following heavy seasonal rains road surfaces have deteriorated leaving a number of large potholes and frustrated motorists in its wake.

Shana Maree-Paraskevopoulos, Portfolio Manager for Vaal Mall says the centre is proud to roll up its sleeves for the community to make access to the mall and surrounding areas easy, convenient and pothole-fee.

We take pride in our surroundings and we want to assist by prettifying the area around the Mall, taking action and lending a helping hand. “Not only is Rossini Boulevard one of the main access roads to Vaal Mall it’s also a major thoroughfare at the heart of our community which is why keeping it safe for all road users is so important,” says Maree-Paraskevopoulos.

“We believe in being responsible and engaged citizens. Filling in potholes is one way of showing how much we care through positive cooperation. Communities are better when they stand together and we will continue to play a part in making the Vaal community a better place for everyone to live, work and shop,” she adds.

Home is where the heart (and the hearty food) is


The weather is slowing beginning to change as autumn approaches. Instead of counting calories and skipping carbs you can use the colder months to indulge in all the delicious and hearty meals you love most. Think warm soup and Sunday roasts with extra gravy. What’s not to love about mugs of hot chocolate and malva pudding?


With busy family schedules, making time to sit together for a meal is tricky. It’s also never been more important for the same reason. Humans have always congregated around food. Think of our hunter-gatherer ancestors sitting around a fire and compare it to your average weekend braai in South Africa and it’s clear that while we’ve come a long way, some things never change.


Gathering over some home cooked food, or any food, is a simple yet powerful way to feel connected, to share stories, laughter, and happiness together.


After a long, hard day, a hearty meal feels like soul food. As South Africans we also find ourselves in the very fortunate position of having a gorgeous variety of dishes that speak to our diverse culture and heritage to choose from.


Some of our favourite uniquely South African dishes include spicy Cape Malay curry, Bunny Chow, Chakalaka & pap, Bobotie and Melktert.


According to experts gathering to eat makes us happier. Studies show that when we eat together, our so-called ‘animal brains’ receive the message that we are safe, satisfied and loved, and our bodies are flooded with positive hormones and emotions.


How do you celebrate food with your family? What’s your favourite dish? Connect with Vaal Mall on social media!

Vaal Mall, the shopping capital of the Vaal Triangle, situated in the heart of Vanderbijlpark, has been named a 2021 Footprint Marketing Awards winner, taking home two of the country’s leading awards for shopping centre marketing.

The awards were presented by the South African Council of Shopping Centres this November to celebrate excellence in shopping centre marketing.

Vaal Mall earned a bronze Footprint Award in the Sales Promotion and Events category for its festive season campaign, which saw shoppers create their own Christmas Trees and unique table decorations in a much-loved annual tradition. The joyful, creative and beautiful submissions are displayed at the mall, and the top three designs in both categories win their entrants prizes of big gift voucher amounts to spend at the mall. Based on the enthusiastic response from its customers, Vaal Mall will once again be adding flair to the festive season in this manner in 2021.

What is more, it won a bronze Footprint Award in the Community Relations category for its “Denims for a Mile” campaign. Vaal Mall shoppers opened their hearts and their wardrobes and generously donated a whopping 388 pairs of pre-loved jeans to keep the most vulnerable in their community warm this winter. In doing their bit for those in need, they also notched up enormous carbon offset benefits and environmental sustainability advantages by extending the use of this clothing.

Commenting on this stand-out performance, Carla de Villiers-Malan of Marketing Concepts, who is Regional Marketing Manager for Vaal Mall, says, “This is a fantastic result. We are very proud of our team, tenants and shoppers because we achieved this respected recognition together. Both of Vaal Mall’s award-winning campaigns are deeply connected to our community, and we thank everyone who participated.”

She adds, “The success of any marketing initiative rests on an authentic relevance and resonance with its customers and community. Vaal Mall’s owners, Growthpoint Properties and Flanagan & Gerard Group, really understand this. This powerful shared passion clearly shines through in Vaal Mall’s marketing, and it is wonderful that this excellence has been acknowledged by a respected industry body like the SACSC.”

The SACSC points out that marketing is a fundamental element of any successful business, and the skill and creative process of implementing the “perfect” promotion or publicity are often underestimated and overlooked. This is why the SACSC recognises the contribution made by marketers and centres to the dynamic retailing industry with its Footprint Marketing Awards, which are judged to a global standard so its winners can stand proud with top shopping campaigns worldwide.

Vaal Mall is celebrating Heritage Month in style by bringing together a variety of local talents, artists, entrepreneurs and musicians at its vibrant weekend markets this September.

In the spirit of celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of South Africa and the Vaal Mall shopping community, Vaal Mall kicked off the first of its three markets on Saturday 11 September.

Featuring the region’s innovative artists and creators is the latest part of Vaal Malls ongoing We Love Local campaign which has seen the inclusion of striking, distinctively local visuals placed throughout Vaal Mall as well as the introduction of Rethabile – the centre’s very own Rhino mascot who lives up to it’s name ‘we are happy’ by interacting with shoppers and tenants.

Carla de Villiers-Malan, Regional Marketing Manager for Vaal Mall says the We Love Local campaign, and now the weekend markets are a joyful celebration of everything that makes the Vaal region, its people, culture and heritage so wonderfully vivid and interesting. “After so much time spent apart, our weekend markets provide a great reason to safely come together again to support and celebrate our community.”

Shoppers can look forward to Vaal Mall’s upcoming weekend markets taking place at the centre on 18 and 19 September and on 25 and 26 September. “The market promises something for everyone. Now that spring is finally here, there’s no better time to get out of the house for some fun, entertainment and exciting shopping,” says de Villiers-Malan.

Vaal Mall shoppers have answered the call to donate pre-loved denim clothing to keep the most vulnerable in its community warm this winter, opening their hearts and their wardrobes and giving generously. With its “Denims for a Mile” campaign, the mall was surprised and delighted as it was blessed with a whopping 388 pairs of jeans.

The pre-loved denim is now re-loved denim, keeping children and adults warm and comfortable. The jeans were given to those who needed them most, including 55 pairs donated to Polokong Children’s Village in Sebokeng, 10 to Vereeniging Lions Club for families in need, and 27 to Rotary Club of Vanderbijlpark for families in need as well as an orphanage.

The remaining denims were distributed at a soup kitchen held at the St. Bonaventure Skills Centre in Barrage, together with Rotary Club of Riverside. Debonairs Vaal Mall sponsored freshly baked “dough-nation” buns, and Rotary provided the soup.

Vaal Mall collected unwanted denim clothing during the month of April in order to pass it on to a new wearer before the start of winter. The great thing about denim is that it is made to last, versatile, durable, and does a great job of keeping its wearer warm. Plus, people love wearing jeans.

In doing their bit for those in need this winter, Vaal Mall and its kind-hearted denim donors are also caring for the environment. By finding a great way for these clothes to be reused rather than discarded when decluttering, they have not only given their denims a new wearer but a new life. Making a single pair of jeans is calculated to use around 1kg of cotton, which takes around 10,000 litres of water to produce – enough drinking water for one person for a decade. So, extending the use of 388 pairs of jeans has enormous carbon offset benefits and environmental sustainability advantages too.

“We are grateful to everyone who gave their gently-used denim for this good cause. The generosity of all our socially and environmentally sensitive shoppers is amazing and humbling. They have shown that together we can care for our community and our environment. You can be assured that their donations have made a difference and are enjoying being reused. Thank you for the incredible impact you have made!” says Carla de Villiers-Malan, Vaal Mall Regional Marketing Manager.

What has been around for about 150 years but never grows old? What has been around for 150 years, changes every few years, but still remains as popular & fashionable as ever? The answer? Your denim jeans!! Invented in the 1870’s as workwear for farmers & miners, who would have guessed that denims would just continue to grow in popularity, & become more & more fashionable with time; that they would continue to be the fashion designers’ darlings & would become an essential in nearly everyone’s cupboard, male or female, young or old, as well as popular in every country around the world!

Each generation seems to think they have the newest & best version. Nevertheless, our denims are so loved that each person has a fashion favourite. During the 1950’s it was all about James Dean looking sexy in straight leg cuffed jeans & a tight T-shirt. Then along came the hippies of the 60’s & 70’s in embroidered bellbottoms – a far cry from the next look with the torn & ripped denim of the punks! These days we combine a bit of all of these. Can you believe that back in the day one had to sit in a bathtub & get your jeans to shrink to fit? Now we have stretch denim so that anyone can get that made to measure look. And as for wearing jeans for months, or even years, to get the gorgeous soft, worn look that’s so popular? No need -now every version is possible, straight off the shelf – torn or faded, colours or bling- just take your pick!

With recent trends of recycling, either by donation or by clever sewing, turning an old pair of jeans into something new makes denim forever fashionable, & sometimes it seems forever lasting! True to the saying – “old jeans never die – they just fade away!”

Vaal Mall has received a PMR Diamond Arrow Award for doing the most in its sector to stimulate economic growth and development in the Sedibeng area over the past year. Vaal Mall was voted the area’s Best Shopping Centre for the sixth consecutive year.

The Diamond Arrow is the highest possible PMR rating in an entirely public rating process where locals choose the most deserving businesses.  The rating is decided by business owners and leaders, and senior public officials, based in Sedibeng.

Vaal Mall was rated “Outstanding” and was placed first overall among Sedibeng District shopping centres.

“This has been a challenging year for our community, shoppers, tenants and our own operations. Shopping centres were called upon to step up and contribute to the economy, businesses, and society in ways we’d never before experienced and couldn’t even imagine doing in the past. So, we are especially grateful for this recognition during a difficult time when we had to respond to countless changes and challenges. So many individuals, businesses and organisations worked with us to serve and sustain our community during a very unusual time indeed, and we thank and salute them,” says Shana Maree-Paraskevopoulos, portfolio manager for Vaal Mall.

She adds, “This award is an acknowledgement of the tireless effort of our management, operations and marketing teams and partners, and the dedication of all our retailers and restaurants, to keep our community’s needs front-and-centre in everything we do, even during an extraordinary time in history.  It is a real honour and high praise indeed. There is no doubt that we have the best shoppers and an amazing community, and it is their support that truly makes us the best shopping centre in the region.”

Vaal Mall, the heart of Vanderbijlpark, is the Vaal Triangle’s shopping capital with 65,000sqm of convenient shopping and a variety of more than 150 retail stores.

The Vaal Mall Diamond Arrow Award rating is based on independent perception during research undertaken in 2020.