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Vaal Mall has received a PMR Diamond Arrow Award for doing the most in its sector to stimulate economic growth and development in the Sedibeng area over the past year. Vaal Mall was voted the area’s Best Shopping Centre for the sixth consecutive year.

The Diamond Arrow is the highest possible PMR rating in an entirely public rating process where locals choose the most deserving businesses.  The rating is decided by business owners and leaders, and senior public officials, based in Sedibeng.

Vaal Mall was rated “Outstanding” and was placed first overall among Sedibeng District shopping centres.

“This has been a challenging year for our community, shoppers, tenants and our own operations. Shopping centres were called upon to step up and contribute to the economy, businesses, and society in ways we’d never before experienced and couldn’t even imagine doing in the past. So, we are especially grateful for this recognition during a difficult time when we had to respond to countless changes and challenges. So many individuals, businesses and organisations worked with us to serve and sustain our community during a very unusual time indeed, and we thank and salute them,” says Shana Maree-Paraskevopoulos, portfolio manager for Vaal Mall.

She adds, “This award is an acknowledgement of the tireless effort of our management, operations and marketing teams and partners, and the dedication of all our retailers and restaurants, to keep our community’s needs front-and-centre in everything we do, even during an extraordinary time in history.  It is a real honour and high praise indeed. There is no doubt that we have the best shoppers and an amazing community, and it is their support that truly makes us the best shopping centre in the region.”

Vaal Mall, the heart of Vanderbijlpark, is the Vaal Triangle’s shopping capital with 65,000sqm of convenient shopping and a variety of more than 150 retail stores.

The Vaal Mall Diamond Arrow Award rating is based on independent perception during research undertaken in 2020.

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