Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder Recipe


Home is where the heart (and the hearty food) is


The weather is slowing beginning to change as autumn approaches. Instead of counting calories and skipping carbs you can use the colder months to indulge in all the delicious and hearty meals you love most. Think warm soup and Sunday roasts with extra gravy. What’s not to love about mugs of hot chocolate and malva pudding?


With busy family schedules, making time to sit together for a meal is tricky. It’s also never been more important for the same reason. Humans have always congregated around food. Think of our hunter-gatherer ancestors sitting around a fire and compare it to your average weekend braai in South Africa and it’s clear that while we’ve come a long way, some things never change.


Gathering over some home cooked food, or any food, is a simple yet powerful way to feel connected, to share stories, laughter, and happiness together.


After a long, hard day, a hearty meal feels like soul food. As South Africans we also find ourselves in the very fortunate position of having a gorgeous variety of dishes that speak to our diverse culture and heritage to choose from.


Some of our favourite uniquely South African dishes include spicy Cape Malay curry, Bunny Chow, Chakalaka & pap, Bobotie and Melktert.


According to experts gathering to eat makes us happier. Studies show that when we eat together, our so-called ‘animal brains’ receive the message that we are safe, satisfied and loved, and our bodies are flooded with positive hormones and emotions.


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