What has been around for about 150 years but never grows old? What has been around for 150 years, changes every few years, but still remains as popular & fashionable as ever? The answer? Your denim jeans!! Invented in the 1870’s as workwear for farmers & miners, who would have guessed that denims would just continue to grow in popularity, & become more & more fashionable with time; that they would continue to be the fashion designers’ darlings & would become an essential in nearly everyone’s cupboard, male or female, young or old, as well as popular in every country around the world!

Each generation seems to think they have the newest & best version. Nevertheless, our denims are so loved that each person has a fashion favourite. During the 1950’s it was all about James Dean looking sexy in straight leg cuffed jeans & a tight T-shirt. Then along came the hippies of the 60’s & 70’s in embroidered bellbottoms – a far cry from the next look with the torn & ripped denim of the punks! These days we combine a bit of all of these. Can you believe that back in the day one had to sit in a bathtub & get your jeans to shrink to fit? Now we have stretch denim so that anyone can get that made to measure look. And as for wearing jeans for months, or even years, to get the gorgeous soft, worn look that’s so popular? No need -now every version is possible, straight off the shelf – torn or faded, colours or bling- just take your pick!

With recent trends of recycling, either by donation or by clever sewing, turning an old pair of jeans into something new makes denim forever fashionable, & sometimes it seems forever lasting! True to the saying – “old jeans never die – they just fade away!”

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