It’s that time of year again – time to head back to school! For some it’s fun – a chance to catch up with friends; some love learning so it’s great to be busy again; and the Moms….. Well- many heave a sigh of relief to hand control back to teachers.

But is it going to be the same this year? Never mind the changes since our parents & grandparents were heading back to school “back in the day”. Take time to think how much has changed in just one year!

A year ago learners were reluctantly checking to see they had everything needed – books, stationery, sports gear, lunch boxes & water bottles. Does the uniform still fit or did you shoot up during the holidays? This year is different.

How much home schooling will happen? Will there be enough data for online lessons? School uniforms might remain packed away or only used on alternate days. Maybe fewer early wakeup alarms & sitting in the traffic – now fall out of bed & head for the kitchen table. Who would have thought that pyjamas are acceptable for a school day? And on the days that one does have to attend class, who would have imagined that the newest fashion item could be a mask!!

It’s quite unbelievable to think that in a mere year we have entered such a different way of life. Well, it’s all about the new normal. The world is changing & sometimes new pathways emerge out of upheaval. Change can be intimidating, but can also lead to an exciting new way of life.

Good luck, strength & perseverance to all returning students, & wonderful discoveries to all the little new ones starting school for the first time this year! May it be a great journey!

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