Centuries ago, long before we started watching our movie stars & celebrities fall in & out of love, there were Roman gods. We have Brangelina & the Kardashians, Meghan & Harry, William &Kate. Back then they had gods for everything, & one of the favourites was Venus, goddess of Love. She had a son called Cupid – a mischievous little god who had fun shooting arrows at couples to make them fall in love! His arrows were tipped with gold & when they pierced lovers’ hearts their fate was sealed. These days some are lucky enough to get Valentine gifts of gold, but the quirky hearts, chocolates & cuddly toys are far sweeter. And Valentine cards! Is there more joy in choosing one with just the right message, or is the best part solving the mystery of the secret admirer? Is the message filled with love, or is it going to be cute & spicy? And the secret admirer….. is it “The One”, or horrors, is it the one you’ve been avoiding all year? It all adds to the fun of a day filled with red & white, of chocolates & cuddly bears, hearts & cupids, & all things to do with love.