Vaal Mall is showing their commitment towards their community by stepping up to repair potholes in the centre’s vicinity.

Following heavy seasonal rains road surfaces have deteriorated leaving a number of large potholes and frustrated motorists in its wake.

Shana Maree-Paraskevopoulos, Portfolio Manager for Vaal Mall says the centre is proud to roll up its sleeves for the community to make access to the mall and surrounding areas easy, convenient and pothole-fee.

We take pride in our surroundings and we want to assist by prettifying the area around the Mall, taking action and lending a helping hand. “Not only is Rossini Boulevard one of the main access roads to Vaal Mall it’s also a major thoroughfare at the heart of our community which is why keeping it safe for all road users is so important,” says Maree-Paraskevopoulos.

“We believe in being responsible and engaged citizens. Filling in potholes is one way of showing how much we care through positive cooperation. Communities are better when they stand together and we will continue to play a part in making the Vaal community a better place for everyone to live, work and shop,” she adds.

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