Centre Leasing

Prior to opening a shop at Vaal Mall the following documents need to be submitted to our offices or e-mail below:

Letter of Intent

1. Concept
2. Type of trade
3. Pricing
4. Target market
5. Design & layout (concept)
6. Trading Name
Personal & Company CV

Personal or Company Financials - including audited financials and balance sheets Business Plan

1. Including turnover projections for 24 months (per month)
2. Summarized income and expenditure projection for 24 months
3. Projected capital investment

Once in receipt of the above, we will determine the need and or feasibility of your concept in Vaal Mall.
Leasing Enquiries:

Shana Maree-Paraskevopoulos
Telephone: (016) 910 0100
Fax: (016) 933 9344
E-mail: smaree@growthpoint.co.za

Mbali Mtoti
Telephone: (016) 910 0100
Fax: (016) 933 9344
E-mail: mmototi@growthpoint.co.za

Owned by

GrowthPoint Properties

Managed by Growthpoint

Owned by

Flanagan & Gerard


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